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At the foot of the mountains

The territory on which the agrialpi  was built is tipically piedmontese: next to high mountains, a lot of valleys sorround it and rivers flow just beside. Here you can find some useful information on bricherasio and sorroundings.
Colline piemontesi Castelli Laghi alpini Alpi innevate Vallate alpine Natura e montagna
Val Pellice: the pellice valley is a valley which is (luckily) interested by industry , heavy transport and mass turism only a little; it is a “closed” valley and it ends on the border line to France without any possibility to go ahead(unless you go through small paths wich link different alp shelters both italian and french).
Val Chisone: the chisone valley is an alp valley in turin province which linkspinerolo and sestriere along chisone torrent, passing through perosa argentina,villar perosafenestrelle and pragelato.
Piemonte: the region territory is mostly mountainous (43,3% of the region). The most important chains of mountains are the alps which sorrounds the region on the west side and the appennini situated on the border line to liguria and emilia romagna.
The po river flows along the po plain. The most important hill sites are the canavese( on the north-west side), langhe and roero ( om the south west side) and monferrato( south). The alps lakes are mostly of glacial origin. The maggiore lake, one of the biggest in italy, marks the border line on the est to lombardia toghether with itseffluent, the ticino river.
All along the region you can find 193000 ectars of protected areas, that is to say 7,6% of the total surface for a total of 56 parks and regioinal reserves, two national parks( gran paradiso and val grande), the regional park of avigliana lakes and a provincial park of the candia lake.
Particularly relevent the huge environmentìal effort for the defense of the po’s river zone which has been the first one to be realised.
Taken from wikipedia.org.


Bricherasio is a little village composed by 4016 inhabitants of Turin province. It is situated at the entrance of the Pellice valley. Its name seems to derive from the celtic first name briccarius o brittgarius or, following other suggestions, from the word bric which in piedmontese dialect means "hill".
Palazzo comunale di Bricherasio Vista di Piazza S. Maria
Interesting sites
Church of Santa Maria: the Baroque parish church of Santa Maria was built in 1602, replacing the primitive parish situated on a hill and devastated by the French invasions of the late sixteenth century. Inside it is placed a marble baptismal font from 1699 with a wooden roof and an altar with a golden wooden icon of 1725 depicting the triumph of the Virgin. In addiction there are some personnel as a "Ecstasy of St. John" by Lorenzo Delleani, a "Madonna" by Barbavara, a "Calvary" of the Marietti and "Two saints praying" Morgari. Of particular interest is the nineteenth-century organ by the Collino brothers. The bell tower that flanks dates back to 1828-32 and was originally equipped with a lead spire removed in 1860 and never replaced because of damage ranging from impact of four tricolor flags. The Church of San Bernardino, the Church of Our Lady of the Castle, The Palaces of Piazza Santa Maria: secular buildings are the backdrop to the square of the parish church. The Case of the fifteenth century: the first nucleus of "Villa Nova" of Bricherasio remain only two houses with bricks exposed in via Molarosso. Feature typical windows with pointed arch and a porch represent the last vestiges of the medieval Bricherasio. Also to see the House Brignone, Palazzo Cacherano, Palazzo Rich in Castelvecchio, the Villa Daneo. Taken from wikipedia.org.
Informazioni utili su Bricherasio: Comune.Bricherasio.to.it
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